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How to prevent High Cholesterol

The Huffington Post discusses ways to prevent high cholesterol and treat metabolic syndrome

Dr Ross Walker recommends a supplement called BergaMet, that costs to for a month’s supply, and comes from bergamot oranges grown on the southern Ionic strip of Calabria in Italy. “BergaMekt ickstartst he metabolisma nd at times has an effecto n reducing high cholesterol but always has an effect on making the overall cholesterol profile more healthy.”

“”Maintaining a healthy diet can reduce you cholesteI’.lolle veis between 5-10% so it’s important to eat well and regu]arly exercise helps your heart to be healthy. Eating healthily doesn’t mean that you need to out out food from your diet – you just need to watch your portion sires and balance the types of foods that you consume..”

Dr Robert Cramb, head of th.e board of trustees at Heart UK

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