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Diet and Lifestyle Tips

- Healthy life, happy life

Get well, be well

Tips to help make the most of BergaMet and to make the most of your lifestyle.

- Fitness

Get active and get out there

  1. Exercise regularly, even a short walk and taking the stairs each day can help. If your’re on the phone, walk around or even do some chores while you talk.
  2. Turn off the TV, once a week and do something a little more physical. Play games take a walk, be a little more active, it all helps.
  3. Try to set an example for all of your family, especially children by involving them in physical activities, make it fun
  4. Ensure you get enough sleep and rest. Most people realize that diet and exercise are important for health, but many don’t realize how crucial good sleep is.
  5. Laughter is the best medicine. Studies have found that those with a positive attitude suffer less from conditions such as heart disease.
  6. House and yard work. Sweeping, mopping, cleaning, mowing, weeding and gardening might not seem like “real exercise” but you are on the move and that is important.
  7. Smoking is considerd bad for your general health, especially your heart and lungs.
- Nutrition

Eat well, live well

  1. Eat a balanced diet, it will provide you with the energy you need to lead a really great life. There are many good sources of nutritional information available, but in simple terms, eat more fruit and vegetables, and fewer foods that are high in fats and salt. Everything in moderation is the best option. Try to substitute fruit for unhealthy snacks, such as cakes and biscuits. Eat less sugar.
  2. Water is truly the perfect drink. It is recommended to drink 4-6 glasses a day. Remember to drink more while exercising, it should be over your daily intake.
  3. Minimise caffeine intake. This includes coffee, tea and most of the carbonated soft drinks, as they also include large amounts of sugar.
  4. Avoid excessive alcohol. Although moderate amounts of alcohol have some advantages for health and well being, excessive consumption is definitely not preferable. It is generally high in kilojoules and sugar.
  5. Eat breakfast. It is important to eat breakfast as it kick starts your metabolism.
  6. Takeaway food. It is important to limit the amount of takeaway foods as they are generally high in kilojoules and fat.
  7. Eat low fat or fat free dairy. Switch to skim milk or fat free yogurt as a simple way to eat less kilojoules without changing your diet too much.
-Bergamet Advanced

Join our healthy lifestyle

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