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The only clinically tested Bergamot for the cardiovascular system

Bergamet Advanced with BJE 100 is clinically proven and extensively researched for heart health

100% Calabrian Citrus Bergamot

BergaMet is the ONLY product approved by the Accademia Del Bergamotto for AUTHENTIC Calabrian BPF (Min 38% Bergamot) and is the ONLY product from 'Reggio Calabria'

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  • Are You over 50 and Want to Maintain Normal Arterial Function and Flexibility?
  • Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome?
  • Are You Currently Taking Statin Therapy?
  • Are You Statin Intolerant, but Still Want an Alternative to Maintain Healthy Ldl and Hdl Subfractions?
  • Are You at Low Risk for Vascular Disease but Still Have Lipid Abnormalities?
  • Do You Have Fatty Liver Disease?
  • If You Answered Yes to Any of These, Bergamet May Be the Answer You Are Looking For.
Thousands of people use BergaMet daily. Join the BergaMet lifestyle today!

* Largest dose on the market * Highest purity * 38% or higher Polyphenols * Great shipping deals

Calabrian Citrus Bergamot

Not all Bergomot products are the same!

BergaMet is the ONLY product based on the most up to date and ongoing research of Professor Mollace

BergaMet is the ONLY product approved by the Accademia Del Bergamotto for AUTHENTIC Calabrian BPF.

BergaMet is backed by extensive patient data and the expert opinion of Dr Ross Walker, who as a cardiologist has over 2000 patients on BergaMet.

Minimum Polyphenols (BPF)
1 %
Calabrian Citrus Bergamot
10 %
Cardiologist patient studies
100 +
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100% Calabrian Citrus Bergamot

Exclusive seller for UK and Europe

- a new breakthrough

What is Calabrian Citrus Bergamot?

Citrus Bergamot is endemic to the Calabrian region of southern Italy, where the unique soil and climate combine to produce Bergamot juice with uniquely high concentrations of polyphenols. 

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