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Be Aware! Not all Bergamot Products are the same!

Bergamet is the ONLY product with the recommended MINIMUM 38% POLYPHENOLS (BPF) as stated in the research. ANYTHING BELOW 38% WILL NOT HAVE RESULTS.

BergaMet is the ONLY product based on the most up to date and ongoing research of Professor Mollace, extensive patient data and the expert opinion of Dr Ross Walker, who as a cardiologist has over 2000 patients on BergaMet.

BergaMet is the ONLY product approved by the Accademia Del Bergamotto for AUTHENTIC Calabrian BPF (Min 38% Bergamot) and is the ONLY product from 'Reggio Calabria'

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Bergamotto Authentic Calabrian

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Thousands of people use BergaMet every day. BergaMet is 100% Calabrian Citrus Bergamot!
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Are you over 50 and want to maintain normal arterial function and flexibility?

Do you have metabolic syndrome?

Are you currently taking statin therapy?

Are you statin intolerant, but still want an alternative to maintain healthy LDL and HDL subfractions?

Are you at low risk for vascular disease but still have lipid abnormalities?

Do you have Fatty Liver Disease?


If you answered yes to any of these, Bergamet may be the answer you are looking for.







WHAT IS Calabrian Citrus Bergamot BPF                                                                          


Citrus Bergamot is endemic to the Calabrian region of southern Italy, where the unique soil and climate combine to produce Bergamot juice with uniquely high concentrations of polyphenols. The benefits of this juice for the cardiovascular system were unknown for centuries, despite the fact that the bitter juice has been taken traditionally by locals as a general health tonic. Now, researchers at the University of Cantanzaro in Italy have discovered that Calabrian bergamot maybe a way to help manage cholesterol using diet.

The researchers found that bergamot from this region differs from other citrus fruits, not only because of its unique flavonoids, but also because of their particularly high content. Polyphenols such as Naringin, Neohesperin, Brutelidin and Melitidin have demonstrated a range of potential health benefits in clinical testing that are not found in any other citrus fruits.

Citrus Aurantium is grown throughout the world, but it is the specific species Citrus Bergamia Risso (Bergamot) from Calabria Italy that contains these unique pholyphenols. Dr Vincenzo Mollace, Professor in the faculty of pharmacology at the University of Cantanzaro said: ‘Bergamot contains extremely large amounts of polyphenols, as compared to other citrus species. ‘Two of these, Brutelidin and Melitidin, directly inhibit cholesterol biosynthesis and they are not found in any other citrus derivatives.


bergamet pro+ our best ever formula   47% bpf                        for cholesterol,blood sugar,fatty liver and metabolic syndrome


PLEASE NOTE- The bergamot juice or BPF must have at least 38% polyphenols to be effective



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Bergamet along with my prescribed statin?
Can I take Bergamet along with my prescribed statin?
You can take Bergamet with your statin. However, we advise that you do not stop taking your medication unless advised by your medical practitioner.
How does BergaMet differ from grapefruit, and does it have…
How does BergaMet differ from grapefruit, and does it have some of the same side effects?
Although BergaMet has some similar antioxidants to grapefruit, grapefruit has a profound effect on the metabolic pathways within the liver thus blocking many drugs, whereas BergaMet does not appear to have the same effect and therefore appears safe to take with all medications
Can people stop taking statins immediately, after starting…
Can people stop taking statins immediately, after starting to take BergaMet?
If you are on a statin, you should never stop this without your doctor’s permission and supervision. If you have been taking statins for any length of time, sudden cessation may lead to a marked rise in cholesterol over the initial levels. This is because statins block the last step in cholesterol production and when these are stopped, there is often an over- reaction of the blocked enzyme system lasting for a 6-8 week period. A natural product , such as BergaMet is not strong enough to overcome this effect initially, and would not be expected to reduce cholesterol for at least a 2-3 months under these circumstances.
Are there any side effects when taking Bergamet?
Are there any side effects when taking Bergamet?
There have been no significant side effects to Bergamet. Rarely, there have been reports of mild stomach upset. This usually settles within a few days. If you are experiencing problems, try taking bergamet with food for a few days . If you experience any problems please email info@bergamet.co.uk

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